adjective \ˈtak-ti-kəl\   : of, relating to, or used for a specific plan or product that is created to achieve a particular goal.

Tactical, have you ever thought what it meant? What's your plans in regards to owning that gun? Do you have a plan on how to achieve that goal for the purpose you bought that firearm? Buying the right equipment & training with it for the specific plan gives  you the highest chance to achieve that particular goal.


We don’t train to fight as an army on a battlefield. We teach the fundamentals of several different tecuniques. Depending on your environment things change. You must adapt to that change your shooting techniques, firearms & gear.


getting you more proficient & confident shooting 


Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


OUR Instructors

tactical, DEFENSIVE training, and INTRO TO COMPeTITION

professional, friendly, and experienced staff





We teach bullet button

As a Southern California based school it is important to train legally. It is your right to defend yourself but you would also want to do it within California State law. We teach some of the best techniques used in conjunction with the California bullet button.

We are a credited & recognized civilian based school teaching civilian students for situations that we would most likely encounter here at home not on a battlefield.  

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California gun owners JUNE 30th 2018 will be the last day you can register your CA AW!

CLICK HERE to go to CA DOJ website for registration & compliancy information. There are NO advantages to you to register these firearms. You CAN however put a magazine lock or make your AR featureless to avoid registration. 

How to check if your gun is compliant CLICK HERE

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