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Introduction to competition shooting        $100.00

  • This Class teaches you the fundamentals, etiquettes & terminology to enjoy the sport of "run & gun" style competition shooting.  In conjunction with a real ISPC, IDPA or SSA match your class will be in a separate squad with only our members. safe and beginner friendly we like to work with our shooters with a personal 1 to 1 approach in a stress free environment.  

           - Stand & hold                                                                            Requirements:

           - Gear setup                                                                               - Closed toe shoes only no sandals or heels

           - Commands & Rules                                                                 - Proper functioning semi auto pistol - 9mm, 10mm, 40cal, 45

           - Drawing from holster                                                                - Heavy duty belt, holster & magazine holder

           - shooting exercise                                                                     - min 4x magazines 

           - round count 200 - 300                                                              -  eyes & ears


            $100 per student