All classes except NRA 1st steps program will require a holster
for your pistol. We do not allow cross draw holster for the fact you will be muzzling someone. 

Safety is 1st!

​Cancellation policy:  You can cancel up to the night before the shoot and get refunded 100%. If you do not cancel prior to the day of the class we have to pre-pay per student to reserve your spot therefore no refund can be issued. Forward Assist can reverse the right to keep the class fee.

Forward Assist Training                                           310-528-3688


Skill builder Carbine CORE presented by Condor Tactical
Time: 9:00am to 2:30pm
Fee: $160 

CORE basic knowledge if you get into a gun fight.  "If your shooting at someone mostly likely its because they are shooting at you"  Along with the skills needed to effectively engage in a fire fight this hybrid course will teach combat 1st aid. Bullet wound packing and tourniquet.
We will teach you the fundamentals of shooting. Introduce you to currently practiced standers by LASD. Build your ability to use your carbine safely and confidently & give you the ability to protect yourself & love ones.

Objectives we will cover:
- gear setup                                                                            - shooting on the move

- what you need in a IFAK                                                      - shooting & communicatiing
- stance/hold                                                                           - combat 1st aid
- weapon manipulation transition strong arm/weak arm         - getting to know your gear
- shooting drills
- reload drills
- transition from primary to secondary

Stuff you will need to bring:

Rifle with sling, pistol with holster                                                       carrying rig or plate carrier (not necessary but recommended)

Round count 300 primary 200 secondary                                           min 4x magazine rilfe, 2x magazine pistol

IFAK or your 1st aid kit                                                                        Magazine pouches or carry system 

*red dot or enhanced optics highly recommended                              close toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen & hat

Pack a lunch                                                                                        eyes & ears

cost: $160.00ea  

It is required you must have taken a ARC or carbine class before you can enroll. Must be able to show you can safely demonstrate you can load/unload your firearm safely.