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“Owning a piano does not make you a pianist” Lt Col. Jeff Cooper. 

At Forward Assist Training. Our mission goal is to help people move forward to become better more proficient shooters. We encourage students to do more than just shooting down an indoor range by opening the doors to see the many different venues the sport of shooting can offer from defensive shooting to competition. .

 Events Calendar

Forward Assist Training events

events calendar 


Dec 15th 2018: Christmas Shoot- Burro


1/6th MBC Knife class

1/17th Stop the Bleed = Redondo Beach

1/19th Adv Carbine low light - Angeles

2/10th ARC PLUS - Burro Canyon

3/9th  ARC - Angeles

3/30th ATM match - Burro Canyon

4/13th. Adv Carbine low light - Angeles

5/19th ARC PLUS - Burro Canyon

6/22nd ARM match - Burro Canyon

9/1st BBQ Shoot - Angeles

10/12th ARC PLUS twilight

11/2nd ARM Turkey match  - Burro Canyon

12/14th Christmas shoot - Burro Canyon