The America's Rifle programs presented by Condor & Turners:

ARM = America's Rifle Match 

The NRA America's Rifle Match is a marksmanship program designed to develop and test defensive rifle skills with the AR platform or "any" modern sporting rifle or carbine (No .22LR). The AR Match is designed for adults and youngsters of all skill levels and can be conducted on just about any rifle range in the country. Competitors will shoot from a variety of positions, at multiple distances, and will often transition between positions. The AR Match is designed so that people can compete with the rifles they have at home for defensive purposes

The America's Rifle Match (ARM) will be the competition side of the Challenge in 2 different forms: the Basic & Advance. Basic will be scored by points. Advance will be scored by time - penalties. 

Matches will be held at Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azusa CA.  There will have 3 matches this year.

- Each match we will award prize to Overall Top shooter in the following Rifle caliber only Categories: IS, OL OO 


  CA New AW Flow chart                                                                                                                                     

ARM match fee $42 pre-registration.  min (if you don't miss) round count:160. bring 200                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

ARM - advance matches Schedule dates are:                                                                                                                                                                  

2018 Schedule:

- Feb 17th                   MATCH RESULTS

- June 9th                   MATCH RESULTS

- October 27th Halloween shoot!  MATCH RESULTS



- June 22nd

- Nov 2nd Turkey Match


Iron Sights, Ltd Optics, Open Optics, Women Division & 4- Man Team Division

Iron Sights:
A rifle in this category has only iron sights used for aiming. Fixed, removable or flip-up models are permitted.

Optics Limited:
A rifle in this category may have one non-magnified optic sight. Iron sights may also be used with the non-magnified



Optics Open:
A rifle in this category has a maximum of two optical sights; a magnified optic and non–magnified optic. Examples would be a magnified scope paired with a non-magnified red dot or iron sights. NOTE: A rifle with a magnified red dot, where the magnifier can be “flipped” to the side or removed, DOES meet the maximum requirements of two optics.


MANUALLY OPERATED MECHANICAL SAFETY – Any rifle used in an NRA-ARC event must have a properly functioning, manually operated mechanical safety. Each shooter must keep the safety set to “Safe”, unless aiming at a target after the command to shoot has been given.

PROPERLY FUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT – Rifle can be any semi-auto auto reloading platform, any rifles or related equipment that malfunctions in an unsafe manner, or that is otherwise deemed unsafe by range staff, shall be removed from the range. All firearms will be inspected before shooters enter the range for operation and safety.

TRIGGER DEVICES AND AUTOMATIC FIRING MODES – No shooter will be permitted to fire in an automatic mode or use any device that would assist in the pulling of the trigger.

CHAMBER SAFETY FLAG & CARRY BAG- ARE REQUIRED. They will be in at all times except when your on deck. You can bring your own or buy at the range. Chamber flag must be approved by the CRSO.

TRANSPORTING between stages rifle must be put back in the bag or carrying case. Rifle can be taken out only at the stage.

SLINGS  –  Each competitor in an AR Match (Basic) may, and in any other AR Match shall, use a sling affixed to the rifle with a secure attachment device or woven through a portion of a stock designed for that purpose, and worn over the shoulder and across the back when firing from the shoulder. A loop sling attached in parade sling fashion (underneath the rifle at both ends and not allowing the rifle to fall naturally across the torso when worn over the shoulder and across the back is not allowed. Any sling used must allow the competitor to keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

MAGAZINES AND AMMUNITION – Shooters are encouraged to carry all magazines and ammunition in a pouch, chest rig, pocket, or similar device on their person for each stage of firing No steel core or bi-metal ammunition is allowed.

BARREL SUPPORT DEVICES – Bipods and monopods are permitted as long as they are properly functioning.

KNEE AND ELBOW PADS – Competitors are encouraged to use knee and elbow pads to add comfort to the shooter for different positions and range conditions. Prone mats are acceptable for use unless they pose a safety issue.

CHANGING EQUIPMENT – No shooter may change rifle, barrel assembly, optical system, or sling after the first shot is fired, unless the NRA Chief Range Safety Officer or NRA Range Safety Officer has declared that the equipment is disabled.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT - All contestants, guest and spectators must wear eye and ear protection at all times except when Safety Officers officially call Cold Range. 

SAFETY VIOLATIONS - Any violations of safety such as swiping yourself or another shooter, shooting over the berm etc will disqualify the shooter instantly, and the shooter will be removed from the range.

Download full match rules & info:


SCORING: - 3 gun nation targets are used.

1- hit in the A = +0 

1 - hit on the B = +5 (fail to neutralize) 

2 - hits on the B = +0 

Physical liability: ARM is a physical sport that will require you to run, walk, kneel, go prone, & crawl. If you have any physical limitations please consult with your physician before you participate.   

In order to participate in the ARM It is required you must be able to show you can safely demonstrate you can load/unload your firearm safely and have shooting experience before competing.

Cancellation policy:  You can cancel up to the night before the shoot and get refunded 100%. If you do not cancel prior to the day of the class we have to pre-pay per student to reserve your spot therefore no refund can be issued. Forward Assist can reverse the right to keep the class fee.

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