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All classes except NRA 1st steps program will require a holster
for your pistol. We do not allow cross draw holster for the fact you will be muzzling someone. 

Safety is 1st!

​Cancellation policy:  You can cancel up to the night before the shoot and get refunded 100%. If you do not cancel prior to the day of the class we have to pre-pay per student to reserve your spot therefore no refund can be issued. Forward Assist can reverse the right to keep the class fee.

Low light Advance carbine clinic      $160.00

                                                                                    Sponsored by Condor Outdoor products

  • Advance tactics and adaptive shooting techniques & more team-based shooting.
  • Class is held at Angeles Shoot Range 12651 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Rd. Sylmar, CA 91342
  • Date: April 13th 2019 
  • Time: 1:00pm to 7:00pm

           - malfunction drills                                                                        Requirements:

           - shooting drills                                                                             - 400 rounds of ammunition primary / 200 secondary

           - reloading drills, speed/tactical                                                      - Min 4x magazine rifle, 2x magazine pistol

           - shooting on the move drills                                                           - Single point sling for rifle & sturdy belt & holster for pistol (no cross draw)

           - shooting & communicating                                                           - Magazine pouches for both rifle & pistol or carrying system ex: chest rig

           - dynamic prone                                                                             - Closed-toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen & hat

           - transition drills                                                                              - eyes & ears

           - obstacle course team shooting                                                    - Plate carrier or rig set up

           - vehicle dismount                                                                          - weapon mounted light

          - use of weapon lights                                                                     - In the advance class, you MUST have both primary and secondary. 

                                                                                                                    holster and sling are mandatory.

                                                                                                                   - Pack a lunch and keep hydrated 

           To attend this class you must show you have taken a previous carbine class or have experience. Not recommended for 1st timers

             $160 per student