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NRA Instructors Mentor Program:

Starting 2015 the NRA will require all NRA certified instructors to be active.  In order to renew you must have taught or assisted at least 1 class prior to renewal.

Forward Assist Training recognizes the effort and commitment you made to help others. Because of that willingness to advocate good shooting habits we came up with a mentor program.  We can always use the extra help & volunteers for classes. Contact us and come out and help and we can give you credits for assisting us with the class.

SoCal Forward Assist Foundation:

Forward Assist also branched out with a non-profit 503c group to help promote shooting programs in our community. for more info email:  


Established in 2014 We have a full staff of 6 certified NRA instructors as well as 4 NRA certified ROs. We are beginner friendly and welcome people with the willingness to learn and better themselves.

Forward Assist Training LLC

6621 S. Atlantic Ave.

​Bell, CA 90201



We also offer corporate events or private clubs and meets. Great for team building and working together. We can accommodate as small as 1 to as large as 20. We can also cater food for the event as well. 

Group classes

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our group classes. 

Forward assist Training operates out of two locations, Burro Canyon in Azusa, and Angeles Shooting Range in Lake View Terrance. 

Our class courses are:

- Tactical/Defensive Pistol                                              - NRA Basic Pistol

- Tactical Carbine Clinic                                                  - NRA First Step Pistol Program

- NRA ARC American Rifle Challenge                              - NRA Women On Target

- NRA Instructor course                                                  - NRA Basic Rifle

- NRA ARM American Rifle Match                                   - NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home