This is how it works:

-There are 3 stages, each stage will have 25-30 targets

-Each stage you will have to shoot pistol, .22LR rifle & shotgun. There will be a  table (stage) for each firearm to shoot.

-You will shoot 2x strings, each string will be timed. You will pick the best  time out  of 2.

-You can bring your own pistol, rifle & shotgun.  If your short 1 of them you  can  rent one for $10 (not including ammo)

-Any .22lr rifle is ok. Ex: Ruger 10/22, GSG .22 MP5, AR’s with .22  conversion

-Center fire Pistol semi-auto or revolvers common caliber ex: 9mm, .40, .45, .380,  .357-Shotgun: 12ga or 20ga, birdshot only

-Everyone score will be posted and winner will receive a prize.

-Entry fee is $35.  All participants will receive a T-shirt, event pin & certificate of  participation by the NRA!  

Round count:

60x Pistol

40x rounds .22lr rifle

30x shotgun

Event date: Sept 20st 9:30am to 3:00pm

Event will be held at Burro Canyon Shooting Park       

22100 E. Fork Rd in Azusa, CA91702 

Registration is now open! 

For more information contact:

Forward Assist Training @ 310-528-3688

Burro Canyon shooting Park @ 626-910-1344

Forward Assist Training is proud to present NRA’s newest fastest growing sport called “3 Gun Experience” 3GE

NRA Sports 3GE Activities are designed to introduce new and intermediate shooters to a safe, family fun, mildly competitive, recreational shooting event.

3GE events revolve around the non-traditional action packed, ever popular 3 Gun competition, utilizing .22LR modern sporting rifles, shotguns and pistols. 3GE is a fun, exhilarating, and physical activity to expose new and intermediate shooters to the fastest-growing sports of 3 gun.


Forward Assist Training                                           310-528-3688